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Startup? From ideation to fundraising and everything in between, our team has done it. Our skills help diversify the knowledge and range of services while staying competitive and tailored for new businesses. We’ll help you overcome your challenges and achieve your next stage of growth.

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Established Business? Fresh Coast Labs brings innovative thinking and nimble growth principles to solve problems, develop strategic direction, and improve culture. Our solutions scale and provide “the bridge” for different stages of growth to fit your needs. This advantage allows us to strategize for the next challenge while delivering a wide array of services. We’ve brought these principles and achieved success with our clients, ranging from small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies.

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& Growth

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Our mission is to lend guidance and drive results for the leaders working to push their organizations to the next level.

For Startups

For Fresh Thinkers

  • FREE Pitch Coaching -- Free service provided to anyone. Contact us to schedule your coaching session.

  • Make it a Reality -- Ideation, Product Market Fit, MVP

  • Day 1 -- Go-to-Market strategy and Lean Operations

  • Hockey Stick Growth -- Fundraising and Scaling

  • Tell Us how we can help you. If we can add value, we'll let you know. If we can't, we'll let you know that, too.

  • Dynamic Problem Solving -- project based strategy

  • Innovation Coaching -- Increase engagement and productivity across your organization

  • Cultural Upgrade -- Modernize your culture and create an environment where your team is excited to get to work

  • Process Improvement -- Cut out unproductive activities and unnecessary layers of oversight. Be nimble and support your best employees

Change and growth are hard.

We make that process faster and easier.

Digital Marketing

Our goal aims to maximize ROI & increase Brand Equity by eliminating pain points and optimizing performance to support growth.

Digital Foundations

Established Websites

  • Website Design & UX Review -- Create and/or optimize

  • SEO Audit & Strategy -- In-depth site crawl and report

  • Pay per Click (PPC) -- Strategy, Mgmt, ROI Focus

  • Content Optimization -- Keyword research, click-path

  • Reporting & Analysis of website data alongside business KPIs in custom live dashboards

  • Digital Marketing Audit -- issues and opportunities

  • Innovative Coaching -- increase engagement and productivity across your organization

  • Cultural Upgrade -- Modernize your culture and create an environment where your team is excited to get to work

  • Process Improvement -- Cut out unproductive activities and unnecessary layers of oversight. Be nimble and support your best employees

Fresh Coast Labs Digital Marketing Strategy Map

Starting with the proper Digital Foundations, allowing for accurate data collection, sets the tone for our levels of digital optimization while staying lean to maximize value in growing with Fresh Coast Labs.

Who We Are

Grounded in traditional business. Energized by the speed and innovation of high growth startups. Champions of fresh thinkers and risk takers.
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Forest Richter


Forest started his career in digital marketing before transitioning into a role overseeing operations. Formerly the Director of Ops for Bright Cellars and then as VP of Ops for Moral Code and Milwaukee Boot Company.

In addition to Fresh Coast Labs, Forest is the co-founder in two startups. (acquired 2021) is a software platform connecting underrepresented startup founders with investors and Joy Boost is a battery tech company revolutionizing off-grid phone charging.

Forest is passionate about making entrepreneurship more accessible and equitable. He loves helping early stage startups strategize, scale, and fundraise.

Jim Howard

Managing Partner

With a diverse background including HR and Marketing, Jim specializes in digital marketing and operations with an emphasis on analytics. Jim’s marketing and analytical skills have been honed working in various spaces from wellness to legal to private practice healthcare. He is especially adept at navigating patient privacy and HIIPA compliance.

Jim is great at building out a digital brand that is optimized for marketing and analytics. Jim’s superpower is making a complex digital ecosystem digestible and scalable for any business leader to make informed and impactful decisions.

Understanding one’s business through dynamic and actionable insights is something that Jim is extremely driven by and is eager to use these skills to help growing businesses succeed.

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Jake Krueger bio photo
Jake Krueger


Jake has thirteen years of experience in sales and business development. He has worked for both Fortune 500 companies and scaled startup businesses into multi-million dollar ventures. During his time in corporate America, he both negotiated and implemented national contracts driving growth from top down and bottom up. As an Account Manager, he consistently grew his territory year over year, increasing revenue and profitability.

He was recruited for a National Sales Management position for a European based start-up where he grew sales from 500K in year one to $7+ million in year two. Experiencing accelerated growth each year after year.

Jake is an expert in consultative sales and has years of coaching and training sales teams. He has implemented and maintained companywide CRM's and has extensive and effective pipeline management techniques. His true passion is in executing business plans and developing relationships with prospective clients and cultivating that relationship to create a true business partnership.

Kaleb Cravillion

Digital Growth Consultant, Project Manager

Too often, businesses find their SaaS and Website solutions no longer serve their operations. At Fresh Coast Labs, Kaleb assists clients in matching their operational needs with their digital assets, cutting costs on outdated and unused services, and creating new connections to save money and work hours.

From 2013 to 2019, Kaleb developed a diverse skillset while serving in the U.S. Army. While his position was combat-oriented, he encountered many operational tasks that provided real-world problem-solving experience. Regardless of the issue at hand, understanding the people involved at each level was the first requirement for a successful resolution. He quickly realized leadership is servitude; if a team is not provided for in a personal and professional capacity, they will not perform. 

Since 2019, Kaleb has been a project manager in the nonprofit space, assisting many Milwaukee-based organizations in bridging the gap in their operations and technology. Kaleb's passion is building trust with clients and providing solutions that elevate and enable their livelihood.

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